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Vote: Ace Of The Fall

With more and more cameras ending up on disc golf courses every year, the number of aces caught on film increases all the time.

The votes are in for August’s Ace of the Month and a big overhand shot got the win. You can relive that ace again at the bottom of this post, but in the meantime, there’s more voting to do. We picked out some of our favorites from the fall,1 and there were a lot. Check them out below and decide for yourself.

Did you throw an ace? Don’t forget to send your video clips to


Tournament aces are always good.

Chris Dickerson Hall of Fame Classic Ace

Juliana Korver Phoenix Ace

Philo Brathwaite Drava Forester Ace

Corey Ellis Ace

No disrespect to the casual ace though. Simon is back vlogging so he has a lot of options. Avery’s was short but it counts. Jake called his. And Linus went all hovercraft on his.

Simon Lizotte Vlog Ace

Avery Jenkins Norway Ace

Jake LaPutka Ace


Ben FTS had a couple aces on his channel but we chose this guy for the late fade into the chains.

Sapwi Trails Ace

Ace race ace at a ball park.

Ace Race at Jimmy John’s Field tonight. Awesome event with better card mates who got my first ace I ever got on camera! Not a 500’er but I’ll take it from discgolf

Here’s one from Turkey Hill.

My cousin hit an ace, hole 12 at Turkey Hill in La Plata MD! from discgolf

We’ve seen other aces from Bonshaw before.

ACE on Hole 15 at Hillcrest Farm DGC In Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island, Canada. *Warning* Me and boys get fired up and drop some F bombs! from discgolf

A biiig turnover for a first ace.

First Ace 

When your first throw of the day is your best throw of the day.

Sidearm Ace

Tip: If you had an ace run on the hole before, set-up your camera.

We’re counting this clip from NBA2K.

So I got this “bouncy” ace in NBA 2K20’s disc golf game to heal the wounds of a terrible round. from discgolf

August Winner

Overhand Disc Golf Ace

  1. we’re behind, we know 

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The Definitive Disc Golf Black Friday Deals Guide

Black Friday is the biggest retail day of the year. There are plenty of great deals on discs, gear, accessories, and other assorted items from today throughout the weekend into Cyber Monday. Below is a list of deals! We will be updating this list throughout the weekend as new deals emerge.

Know of a deal worth adding to the list? Email

Disclosure: We have affiliate marketing deals with some of the merchants below. When you buy certain products via Ultiworld Disc Golf, we receive financial compensation. However, we will always post the best deals we can find, even if we don’t earn commissions on those sales!




  • Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set – Get a new player in on the action with a Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf set — which includes four discs (two drivers, a midrange, and a putter) and a carry bag — on Amazon for $32.61. Comes with free shipping.
  • Dynamic Discs Set – Get a three disc set for just $19.99.
  • Latitude 64 Disc Set – Get a three disc set for $24.99.
  • Innova Disc Golf Set – An awesome gift idea. Get an Innova Disc Golf set — which includes three discs (a driver, a midrange, and a putter) — on Amazon for $20.99.




  • Friction Gloves: Get 25% off Friction DG’s, the glove for disc golf! Add distance to your drives and maintain a consistent grip in all conditions! Play in comfort all winter. Use coupon code GRIP25 at checkout to save.



  • Airpods: You can get a pair of the latest version of Apple Airpods headphones for just $134 or Apple Airpods Pro for $235 from Amazon.
  • Wireless Earbuds: Looking for a cheaper set of wireless earbuds? Grab a pair of Anker Liberty Neo for just $39.99 — they’re awesome for the price!
  • Pixel 4: Google’s latest cell phones, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, are both on sale right now. Grab the Pixel 4 for $599 and the Pixel 4 XL for $699.
  • Apple Macbook Air: The latest model is available for just $799 — that’s $300 off — if you choose No-Rush shipping! You may be able to find one even cheaper in a Costco warehouse.
  • iPad: Get a brand new Apple iPad starting at just $279.99, $50 off the list price.


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This Thanksgiving Watch Chris Dickerson Try To Eat Vegetables

Chris Dickerson Chicken Bell Peppers

Noted chicken tender lover and back-to-back Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship winner Chris Dickerson needs to get more nutrients.

At least, that’s what Seth Munsey from Disc Golf Strong has told him.

Dickerson and his wife, Brittany, sit down and essentially force Chris to try a couple of different types of bell peppers to see if he can stomach adding them into his diet.

While relenting to the red variety, he does also cop to having yellow in the mix because, as Dickerson put it, “if you put yellow in there I won’t be able to taste it.”

Here’s to hoping your Thanksgiving meal is a bit more appetizing.

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The Upshot: Paige Pierce to Discraft, Mailbag, Thanksgiving

Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas react to Paige Pierce’s new deal with Discraft and what it means for the FPO division. Later, they open up some listener mail and give thanks during this holiday week.

The Upshot: Paige Pierce to Discraft, Mailbag, Thanksgiving

You can contact Charlie and Jamie at

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The Inside Line: Madison Walker

A conversation with Madison Walker about designing courses for professional women.

The Inside Line: Madison Walker

You can contact Mahmoud at

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On Collecting…

Photo: Marshall Street Disc Golf

I live about an hour and fifteen minutes from Marshall Street, which is a good thing. It means that I can get up there any time I need to, but it’s far enough away that I won’t find myself wandering in on a random Tuesday afternoon, ready to accidentally blow 70 bucks on fresh plastic.

In the summer, I never actually go to MSt. My visits merely coincide, I tell myself, with trips to Maple Hill or Treehouse, but there I am all the same. In the winter, though, there is one event that dictates a trip directly to MSt. with almost 100% reliability: a snow day and school closure.

It’s true, I have been teaching high schoolers while I await my own McBethian contract.

On our final snow day of this past winter, I found myself leafing through the X-Out rack, talking to Sam1 and Jason2 about the various goings on in the disc golf world while already holding a fresh MD5. The MD5 is essentially a Gator, of which I already have three on my rack at home, which is essentially a Mortar, of which I also have three and actually bag. I have backups of backups of premium plastic discs that barely change over time. I have at least a hundred discs that I have never thrown. I have a hundred more in boxes downstairs that I never will throw.

Some people sit on Facebook on Friday nights, waiting for the notification that new Sexybirds are available to drop, and then dart over to the factory site to snatch up as many as they can, presumably to flip later for a few dollars more. I’m lurking right there with them, and occasionally I buy multiples, but I have no desire to sell them. For me, the joy of disc buying is not in the business of turning a profit, but in the acquisition and storage, the basic ownership of a thing that I want. And not necessarily because they are rare or special or sentimental, though that does help. It’s because I like having them. I like seeing them on my homemade rack in the laundry room. I like pulling them all down, sorting them into piles, and then rearranging them while I listen to music. I like turning off the light to reveal the scattering of glow discs slotted throughout the racks. I like to pretend throwing them as I pace around on the phone. I even keep a few in my car just to hold while I drive.

This is a safe space, right? I mean, you’re here reading this on a website devoted to disc golf, so can I assume that some of you do this too?

The big thing of the past few months was Marie Kondo’s Netflix show based on her bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I am allergic to self-help trends but I think I get the gist of Mrs. Kondo’s masterwork: go through your stuff, pick up items and hold them, and then throw them out if they do not spark joy. That spark of joy seems to be the crux of the whole thing.

Like many viral ideas, this concept was so sticky because many people already behave that way but never named the practice. I mean, every year I bring a bag of clothes to Goodwill. My process for selecting which clothes lose their spot in the closet is completely based on that spark of joy. I consider when I last wore an item, when I ever would again, and whether I even like the thing in the first place. So long slim-fit denim shirt of my 20s — my 30s have been neither slim nor fit. Adios burnt orange khakis from my first teaching job six years ago. Bon voyage T-shirt from an Ultimate tournament that I didn’t even attend in 2004.

….wait, hold up. Actually, that one can stay.

Sometimes clothes don’t stay clothes, but become artifacts, and artifacts are precious and worth keeping. Old things earn the right to their storage space simply by surviving. The love that protected them years ago is a durable spell, and it protects them still. That ugly, bleach-stained tournament T-shirt is not a piece of clothing anymore. It is a link to who I used to be, proof that I existed in a time and place, that I have traveled, that I am the same person now that I was then, even if I have forgotten or shed so much of who I used to be. Same too of my first Mako3, in a way.

Aaaaaand, even more than that, I just like getting new discs! They’re glossy and clean and perfect and you can walk out the door with them or find them bundled in perfect little packages waiting like a puppy at your front door. And besides, as far as hobbies go there are more expensive things I could be into. My buddy collects rare bourbon and shotguns, for instance. Shoot, I could take up ball golf if I really wanted to put myself in the poor house. For me, retail therapy is still cheaper than the real thing.

All this to say: if you are living within your means, you do not owe anyone a pragmatic explanation for why you just bought a Ricky Destroyer when you still have three 4Xs laying around. Just tell ‘em that it sparks joy in you… and never forget to take the stickers off before you get home.

This article originally appeared in the June 2019 Marshall Street Disc Golf Newsletter

  1. Sam Henderson, store manager and PDGA 56554 

  2. Jason Southwick, store owner and PDGA 5893 

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Paige Pierce Signs Multiyear Deal With Discraft

Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen – PDGA

Paige Pierce, the world’s highest rated female player, has signed a multiyear sponsorship deal with Discraft, bringing her back to the company that sponsored her early in the decade.

The blockbuster signing comes just days after Pierce announced that she was leaving a three-year Dynamic Discs deal early.

“The opportunities are endless [with Discraft] and it’s quite a bit better of an offer,” said Pierce. “And if I want my future to head in the right direction, this was a no-brainer.”

Pierce is coming off of another very successful season in which she won her fifth world championship and put together a dazzling stretch of nine straight tournament victories. She finished outside of the top three at a tournament just three times out of 24 entries.

Discraft is doubling down after signing Paul McBeth to a record-shattering contract last winter by adding the sport’s top FPO player, fully reversing course from a quiet few years on the sponsorship front before 2019.

“I think it’s great for Discraft,” said McBeth. “They’re adding five more world titles. They’ve got the top two players in the game — #1 MPO and FPO. I think it’s a statement — these players are choosing Discraft. It’s not where they started.”

“Paige has got to be one of the most popular players in general — top five most recognizable players in the game, so that’s huge,” said Discraft team captain Paul Ulibarri.

Sources say that Pierce initially asked for the same deal that McBeth has with Discraft, but the actual details of her contract have been kept under wraps. Discraft declined to comment for this story.

The deal came together fairly quickly. In early August, Pierce said, she got a surprise phone call. “Paul Ulibarri called me and just asked me what I was thinking,” she said. “I was kind of caught off guard. We’re friends, but we don’t really talk on the phone.”

Ulibarri made the pitch: “I said, ‘The time’s now, with the momentum Discraft has and what we created last year.’”

Given that Pierce only had a verbal agreement with Dynamic Discs on her extension, the opportunity was there to make a change. She told Dynamic just two weeks later, during Worlds, that she was considering leaving at the end of the season. Conversations with Discraft’s Mike Wagner and Bob Julio followed, and the deal got made.

“[Discraft is] willing to do any and everything I want to do and they trust my vision,” said Pierce. “That’s something I haven’t had before: the trust and involvement.”

“Players are starting to bet on themselves more and take opportunity more than just a guaranteed paycheck,” said McBeth.

More specifics about the scope of Pierce’s deal are expected to emerge in the coming days.

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The Upshot: Paige Pierce, Dodge Op-Ed, Madison Walker

Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas discuss Paige Pierce’s departure from Dynamic Discs and what it means for her and the company. They also touch on other player extensions before digging into Steve Dodge’s op-ed calling for the PDGA to suspend the National Tour. Later in the show, Madison Walker stops by to talk about women’s disc golf, her 2019 season, and more. (44:50)

The Upshot: Paige Pierce, Dodge Op-Ed, Madison Walker

You can contact Charlie and Jamie at

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Hailey King Promoted To Discraft Elite Team

Hailey King at the 2019 USWDGC. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Hailey King is joining Adam Hammes in receiving a bump up in support to Discraft’s Elite Team for the 2020 season.

“I’m ecstatic for the Elite Team promotion,” King said. “This year is going to be a big tester for my career and I am looking forward to the challenges of next year with Discraft supporting me the whole way!”

King will have a Tour Series Undertaker as part of her deal.

During her first extended year on the road, King raised her rating more than 10 points and had top five finishes at four Disc Golf Pro Tour events. She withdrew from the Hall of Fame Classic in October due to injury but returned to the course the next week at the DGPT Championship where she made it through to the semifinals.

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SmashboxxTV Returns For 2020 DGPT Live Duties

smashboxx tv
Terry Miller of SmashBoxxTV on location. Photo: DGPT

Disc Golf Pro Tour Tour Director Jeff Spring announced on the SmashboxxTV podcast Tuesday that Smashboxx has been contracted to handle livestreaming duties for the tour’s 11 premier events, including both the regular season and DGPT Championship finale.

“We’re super excited to build on the experience we had as a team through the last couple events,” Spring said. “And [ask] how can we keep growing live, and what kind of resources do we need to take it to the next level for all the people at home that love live and believe in live like we do.”

Smashboxx’s Terry Miller and Jon Van Deurzen have been livestreaming disc golf events for over half a decade and have partnered in various capacities with the DGPT since the tour’s first season in 2016.

“With some newer equipment and a little bit of a different structure, the possibilities are endless,” Miller said. “I think we’re always going to be constantly refining what is working best for that live experience. Whether it’s additional cameras, commercial pieces, filler pieces or background pieces, all of those types of things feed into that live experience.

“We’ve been at it for five years and clearly there’s still ways that we can grow and improve. That is what I think is so exciting on our end. To know that [the DGPT has its] own vision and own ideas and we can all get in a room together and find out how we can make the  best  possible experience and product for everybody.”

2020 Dis Golf Pro Tour Live Smashboxx TV Live Announcement

Smashboxx TV will be co-producing the livestreams with the DGPT. Streams will remain on the Disc Golf Pro Tour YouTube channel. Spring said that Smashboxx was the only crew the tour spoke with in regards to livestreaming for 2020. He said they had not received any other bids for livestreaming via the Tour’s RFP process.

More media plans for the 2020 DGPT season will roll out this week. JomezPro was announced last week as the next day lead MPO card provider, and UDisc Live will be providing scorekeeping at 20 events for the DGPT.

Spring teased a “fun new way to watch the Disc Golf Pro Tour next year” during his SmashboxxTV interview but did not elaborate.

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